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What do We Do in Christchurch?

Road to Bethlehem

For the last two years, during the Christmas season, we have partnered with other churches to put together an outdoor theatrical presentation about the birth of Jesus. These presentations are free to attend. The response from our community has been fantastic! Thousands of people from Christchurch and surrounding areas have come through the gates of our church to step back in time and journey the Road to Bethlehem.

Those who attended this event were mesmerized by the quality of the production and blessed as they were reminded of God’s love for humanity. You are invited to participate as we host the event again in December this year. If you are keen to help out as an actor or extra, please let us know!

Motivational Conference

Papanui Church’s volunteers fundraise for and help in the running of an annual inspirational and power-packed weekend conference led by specialist facilitators who provide tools to help people break free from ingrained presumptions and habits.

We assist in organizing this conference because it encourages individuals to live more healthily by eliminating harmful habits. It motivates and educates people on how to save and invest money wisely. It encourages people to improve their relationships. The feedback received from attendees and volunteers has been hugely positive.

Everyone feels benefited by this program. Even if one does not experience major transformations over the course of a weekend, one feels extremely motivated. Some have started their own business after attending this event. Some have given up smoking. Others have discovered a new community to be part of and have been embraced into new friendship groups.

The motivational conference we organize is not religious. It is also expensive to run. But we are happy to gift our time and money to the community because we care, and because we believe this is our mission!

Personal Development Workshops

The monthly workshops we facilitate are short presentations with interaction time for review/teaching and break-out groups. This allows for people to critically process and apply and learn in groups.

Our workshops meetings enhance the participants' ability to truly CONNECT with others as they have opportunities to share, support, learn, and network. This safe and 'connected' atmosphere allows for people to INSPIRE and to ENCOURAGE one another, and ultimately to GROW faster with like-minded health-focused people. 

Grants Road Ministry

We love young people. We believe young people have enormous potential and we must act to facilitate their success in all areas of life. Every year, Papanui Church and Mainland Christian Foundation collaborate to employ a youth worker who is responsible to mentor and motivate the youth of our church, school and wider community. Beulah Thoroughgood is our currently Grants Road Ministry  (GRM) worker. Beulah is married to a helicopter pilot and she is a mother of three. She is an energetic, loving person, and the children, especially teenagers, quickly identify with and rely on her motherly care. 
Grants Road Ministry currently runs the following events:
>>> Social sports on Thursday afternoon.
>>> Bible study for teens on Saturday morning.
>>> Lunch and group activities on Saturday afternoon.
>>> FUSE – a worship experience for teens to encounter God, learn about values and socialize.
>>> Kids Church – children enjoy learning Bible stories through music, drama and crafts put together by the teenagers. 

Any youth from the community can join in. Our youth group is friendly and welcoming!